June 23, 2008


One of our highlights of our day yesterday- that made us laugh on our storm chasing adventure was a great guy we met at church. This brave young boy struck up conversation with Jacob and was very mature. He seemed like a kid.. but he talked like a grown up, about his boss and everything.. As we chatted I began to wonder- is this a very small adult or a very mature child?

I brought him up on our way home and Jacob said, "Yeah- we were standing there and finally the boy turned to me and said, 'So what grade are you going to be in?'" Jacob had to explain that you can go to Africa (on a "mission" trip) even when you're out of school. He had just assumed we were in junior high or high school! Ha! By that time there were two of these 5th/6th grade boys- and Jacob told them, "Yeah- you can also go to Africa when you're in college." He said they both said, "REALLY?!!" It sounded like they were saying, "No way! That makes it worth it to go!" How cute!

1 comment:

Lew and Brandi Johnson said...

you crazy kids! the african sun has diminished your age by half. that totally cracks me up.

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