June 12, 2008

Have I told you lately?

God has been working on my heart. Lately I've been convicted about not appreciating the blessings that have come to pass. In my haste to look ahead to the next (and the blessings "I" am planning on), I am missing the joy and peace of resting in the current blessing.

I have been worried about a job since day 1. Then out of the blue, this grant comes up and I can study for free. I didn't search it out, and walked into it almost by accident. It was amazing. I was blown away and just sat in the parking lot afterward asking myself if it was real. That's a God thing.

Then... I started worrying about the job thing again...

We went and visited a church we were invited to during the amazing culmination of the grant situation. The first person we met was the guy who ended up being the husband of my advisor who had invited us. Phew. Then they introduce us to a GREAT couple who are just headed to Afica. Long story short- they have furniture they need to sale/give/store away.. and we have... uh... a doggie couch and an empty home. AWESOME. Better than we could have planned. Blessing beyond our imagination. That's how God works... BETTER than we could plan it.

But then... I started worrying again about the job situation (darn that flesh)... because that was what I had planned.. and I was starting to get behind my schedule.

And after I sat and wrote about feeling like a delicate little bird etc. etc. I realized that I've been immeasurably blessed and somehow I'm managing to worry my way through the blessing. I should be resting in it. I should be praising through it.

After I came to this realization- I get a message from an awesome (and thankfully SO understanding) woman who has also been in Africa. I don't know what God has planned for the future- but I know that these things alone should be proof to me that I need to rest, trust, and abide in Him. Becuase His way is so much higher, better and more amazing than the best I can dream.

So I just wanted to share our praises, our joys and how faithful the Lord has been to us.


Lew and Brandi Johnson said...

Georgia, i am so proud of this post. and i'm very excited about the furniture thing. God really has brought so many things together for you guys. He is laying out His plan for you piece by piece. i think if He told you all at once you would probably either melt down or balk. His plan is Perfect. love and miss you!

Jennie said...

beautiful, my dear. thanks for sharing!

Pam Brown said...

Hi, Georgia and Jacob...the Brown's here or aka - furniture folks! We are sooo thankful to have met you two. And getting to know you all over lunch was really enjoyable. We have much to learn from you both about 'living' in Africa! We've told our kids about you and they are thankful too. We want you to meet them sometime. Let's get together and get you something to sit on besides 2 lawn chairs and a doggie bed. Are you actually IN your house now? Email or call, OK?
Pam and Steve

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