June 20, 2008

ET Phone Home

Everyday I've been plugging away at class work for hours. I feel like I'm not even lifting my head up to breathe- and there's so much to share! These classes end in NINE days.. That's a doable amount of time so I'm still going at it, and plan to return to the world of normal- June 29.

Yesterday around 8pm a bad sandstorm starting whipping through our little corner of West Texas- high hot winds and low visibility. Then all at once- cold rain, hail, lightning and of course booming thunder. Daisy was NOT impressed. There were tornado warnings and lots of lightning strikes. Jacob heard on the news something insane like 2,000 lightning strikes in 2 minutes. That's nutty- but I think I'm even underestimating what he told me. I would believe it.

One day in Kaabong while having a language lesson with Martha in the veranda- lightning struck near our home from a nearly calm sky. It was jarring. We continued on with our lesson- and then we heard a massive "pop" that sounded like it came from in the house. But right before the "pop"- sparks came from the metal cothesline connector over our heads to the wall. That was scary! I said, "Martha- is this normal?" and she said, "No! This is not normal here!" So that officially ended language lessons for that day!

In other news, we visited one of our favorite churches ever this weekend- Texico FBC. We've always been so encouraged, supported and loved. Through many hard days we thought of how kind and uplifting they were. We went to share with them and again- they managed to bless us beyond our imagination. They're the type of people that you can't outbless. So much much thanks to them for their kindess and beautiful fellowship!!

Also, we went to Target to shop for some "un-africanized" clothes. I was in the dressing room and Jacob was being the MODEL HUSBAND (I mean seriously, this guy should win EVERY award) and sitting outside the dressing room to comment (kindly) on all I came out in.

While trying on some unflattering clothes- two women came chattering down the hallway and took up the stalls on either side of me. Their flow of conversation never stopped. Apparently they each took up "gross" stalls- as someone had left some "gross" things in there (I won't go into details- but it sounded gross from the chatter).

Lady 1: "Ugh.. Eww.. Gross! Why would people be this gross?"
Lady 2: "Because they're GOAT people- that's why."
Lady 1: "There are so many GOAT people!"

Hm.. I stop and ponder. This gave me thought. What does this mean? How much has America changed that I don't know about these goat people at all? Life is so deep and complex isn't it?

Meanwhile, a young mother and her obedient and not so obedient child were in a stall across the way. Apparently the not so obedient child is reffered to as "Momma".

Young mother: "Momma! Put that down. Mommy's not playing!"
Young mother: "Momma- I'm going to take you out and spank you!"
Momma: "I.want.OOOUUUUTTTTTT!!!!!!"

Last stall at once with Momma and goat talk: young girl, talking, it would appear, into a tape player as her speech.never.once.paused. But alas, there was someone else on the line.

Young Girl: "I say she's my friend but she just wants us all to feel sorry for her that's all. Yea I'm shopping now. She wants us to think she's crazy. Honestly. She's so selfish. This top is so ugly. She calls me all the time. I'm telling you. Do you think that I look good in baby doll tops? (No pause). So I went to the pool today and then to Sonic. Do you like purple?"

In the end, my summmary is this: If these walls could talk- don't you think they'd go CrAzY!??


Mike & Lucy said...

Thanks for the encouragement you left on our blog! I don't know how long you have been back from Africa, but I hope you have re-adjusted well through re-entry. I know it can be tough. I previously lived in Mexico for a while before I was married. Coming back was harder than getting adjusted to Mex. in the first place! Anyway, thanks for the encouragement. I feel a bit better these days, though language remainas difficult, but more manageable each day!
Peace be with you (and your adorable puppy :)
~Lucy in Russia

Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

I've lived in America this whole time, and I don't have a clue what "GOAT people" are. Either it hasn't made it's way to Cali, or those women had an inside thing. What an interesting dressing room. I don't think I could have stayed in there!

Lew and Brandi Johnson said...

Now that's what i'm talking about. i laughed so hard about the goat people. i tried to convey the story to lew but couldn't for laughing. even now, it cracks me up. i needed a good laugh today. aahh, Target. land of cheap and cute clothes. i went to our local target just this week looking for clothes that did not sport stains, tears or fashions from the 70's. i came back empty handed for myself but did find some shorts for esj and some duds for the new baby. if i blocked out the calls of muzungu muzungu and pretended i was sitting in a changing room instead of on a pile of used clothes, and focused on the odor of my own body instead of those around me, well it was like target, totally. with the exception of the goat people. :)

Brandon and April said...

yay!!!! so last week I was sitting with jill and she said, "yah...such and such...on Georgia's blog..." and I was like, WHOA! what?!! I so didn't know you guys had a blog. so shame on you for not commenting sooner so I would know of the WEEDS blog!!! :) just joking. but now I know and all is happy in the world again. glad you guys are doing well!!! we wish we could see you in canadian too!!

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