June 6, 2008

Bone bling blog (B+)

Bear with me.
We're a bit behind on blogging because we've moved.
We're now at Bacon Heights Baptist Church Mission House.
It's Beautiful! We're really blessed and so thankful for it.

Yesterday we got Daisy from Jacob's mom and dad. She has a new collar, and a new bone name tag that's all shiny. I took one look at her and said, "Boo- I have to blog your bone bling." that's when I realized how silly that sounds- though, believe me, I meant it sincerely. Here's a pic for this bit of blog.

Then today I went to a job fair- alas, no corn dogs or corn on the cob OR jobs for me...- but lots of people hiring chemistry teachers or English teachers where I couldn't commute to.. I'm trying not to be bummed. BUT I ran into an old friend and we went for a quick lunch at a fast food restaurant.. And there, behind the counter, was a young girl with the EXACT same shiny gold bone around her neck like Daisy.. only hers said Demolition Love.. or something or other..
Apparently a bone really can be bling. Brother.


Stace said...

Thanks for brightening my day. Your blog made me laugh!

Jennie said...

can't wait for the picture! so good to hear from you again - and so happy to hear you're in a beautiful place! post pics of that as well, and your beautiful face, please! :) Thanks for the candy...lovin it!!!

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