May 21, 2008

I admit it...

I admit that I haven't kept our friends abreast of our situation very well. Sorry! I'm thankful you haven't gone and gotten catty about it. To be purrfectly honest it's been hard getting our own heads around what we're doing.

Currently we're staying with friends in Lubbock, Jerry and Toni. We're so thankful they've opened their home to two stragglers! They have a Boston Terrier named Prissy. I call her "Sidewinder" though because she doesn't walk up to a person but rather bends her body while shaking the bottom half in lieu of a tail while presenting her bottom first.. So she comes up to you in a u-turn shape. She also likes to get excited and run up on your shoulders while you're sitting down- and she tries to run around your entire head licking you. It's cute.

As of June 1 we'll move into the missions house of a nearby, very kind church. We've been working on getting our own place so I'll keep you updated on that.

Jacob started work this week and is loving it! He's working at the Experiment Station. Now he's focused on weeds.. Not weed.. but weeds. It's a legitimate deal y'all, agriculturally speaking.

As for me... I planned on coming home and going to schools and just immediately getting a job... but...
So all of my days are filled with this goal in mind. All prayers appreciated!

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