May 20, 2008


It's hot in Lubbock, Texas and looks like it will be getting hotter. Yesterday almost hit 100 and I was getting sunburnt in the car and got out looking like a huge strawberry. I'm not used to this heat. Jacob started work on the first day it was really hot- and was out all day in the fields. Poor guy. Good thing he loves it and had a great day!

While we were away everytime we talked on the phone to people at home they would inevitably say "We're boring, nothing to tell here", when in actuality we thought they were incredibly interesting and wanted to hear all of their bits of life. So I feel.... dare I say it.. boring and that there's nothing to tell here- but I'm going to tell the little bits of our life in case you're like us and would 'just want to know'.

It's sunny with no clouds in Lubbock.

Some people respond to your returning from living in Africa and even being abroad for almost a decade by saying, "How was your mission trip?"

It's still a struggle to flush toilets without sincere regrets and second thoughts.

I, Georgia, am having a very hard time getting all of my teacher documentation updated because I've been abroad and thus, didn't exist...

When I see people throwing valuable things away I wince and have to fight the urge to dig through their trash and either keep the item or at least give it away. I keep picturing those precious shepherd boys at our gate begging for our rubbish and then fighting over it... and trust me- we did NOT throw away valuable, reusable or even the most remotely unredeemable objects.

I can't help but calculate how much electricity people are using and also fight the urge to unplug unused items.

And last but not least,
I can't put my purse down. I can't get over the fear that it will be snatched away the minute I set it down. So I'm literally walking around hugging my purse... even in friends homes.... And they, of course, think I'm weird.



Karyn said...

Georgia, I've dealt with many of those same things. And I still unplug unused items. Some of those things continue to suck power, I'm sure. And I love hearing about your "boring" life. Keep blogging.

Merissa said...

I can't even imagine the culture shock you guys are going through. Thanks for sharing- it's making me appreciate things a little more!

Anonymous said...

Georgia, I found myself hanging on to my purse under my arm yesterday at Walmart! After six year returning from Africa, I still cannot place my purse down!
And, I've always said the Africans are great at recycling! Nothing goes to waste!

Martha Schmidt

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