May 16, 2008

Let's Make a Deal (in AMERICA!)

The fact that I have absolutely NO musical talent makes it all the more heinous that songs get stuck in my head... This time it's West Side Story... again. "Duh duh tu duh.. In AMERICA!" So here I am chanting that one line over and over again because there are some pretty unique things about living in the United States (of AMERICA!).

For example- garage sales. Do people do this all over the world? Do communities pool together in their cottages, flats, high rise apartments or homes to sell their knick knacks to one another? I think it's ingrained in us.

When we had to clean our rooms my sister and I would play "Let's Make a Deal!" which included gathering three very unworthy items and hiding them under objects like hats or trash cans. So there would be two 'normally' unworthy objects and one 'very unworthy' object indeed (as Jane Austen might say it (in other words: JUNK/TRASH/RUBBISH/ FILTH etc.)). We would make flourishes over our items in a bid to lure the other one to their demise over object c- Crud item. And the rules were unnegotiable- regardless of how junky your object was (used kleenex? lone, dirty sock?)- you had to take it with style and junk it yourself or treat it as you saw fit...

I see garage sales as a huge grown up version of this minus trash cans as cover-ups and with real money and cars to shuttle items. That being said, my family is very fond of garage sales. And as this picture shows- a large percentage of Americans are fond of garage sales. As we're moving into a house, Lord willing, in the next two months- and we have NOTHING to move in with other than our own shiny locks of hair- we thought we'd hit a few garage sales and play "Let's Make a Deal" with our fellow Americans.

We envisioned delusions of false grandeur.. Beautiful refrigerators in beautiful condition that "just have to go" for no money and free delivery... yada yada yada.

This was a 'block garage sale' that is apparently an annual event. It was really fun! We bought some old classical cd's and work out dvds... Not quite the great furniture finds we'd hoped for- but also not "unworthy items".

The best part? Seeing our fellow Texans out and about rather than in cars. It felt somehow comforting to see families and couples scooting from driveway to driveway eager to beat the others to a great find. It just felt good to see people out. We loved it (in AMERICA!)!


Merissa said...

Our church had one a month ago but I guess we got there too late for the good stuff! Oh, the money went to missions in Africa! :)

Jennie said...

LOVE that song - and the thought of you singing it! :) Hey, check out Craigslist for online garage saling, some great deals:

email soon!!!

Love you!

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