May 14, 2008

And the shofar blew!!

That last blog got me thinking. It's cold in Lubbock and it just finished raining. Everyone loves the rain. The newspaper had articles after last week's hail storm we drove in through- that it was an 'answer to prayer' etc. Life revolves around the weather- and our need for water. Again- are we so different than Kaabong? I searched for a picture of a Lubbock sunset as I haven't gotten my camera out and in order here yet. I found this picture:

It reminded me of something about West Texas that I love and missed. Even in Prague I distinctly missed thunder... I love thunderstorms and spring thunderstorms are my favorite. This picture captured that for me. It also reminded me of Garth Brooks and Francine Rivers. Our last week in Kampala I read a book called "And the Shofar Blew" by Francine Rivers. Which in my mind lead me to "And the thunder rolled... and the lightning strikes" by Garth Brookes. So for an entire two week period (bless Jacob's heart!) I walked around singing out of the blue that one line "And the Shofar blew!!! And the lightning strikes!" (Der! Der! Der!(Which is meant to be the electric guitar solo)). But I didn't just sing it... By no means, I crinkled my nose and had to get all 'Garthy' on it- complete with an extreme drawl and cowboy scowl AND electric guitar... The worst part is that I ALWAYS get lyrics wrong so sometimes the lightning strikes.. sometimes it struck... and I never EVER know more than one line...

For those of you unfamiliar with Garth, this is him in concert (or after eating an incredibly hot pepper).

Quite amazingly I found a picture that I believe to be from the time Garth tried out for a part on Alias or another equally 'spy' like made for T.V. movie.
Now I know I should leave the poor guy alone... But I found this last picture and just can't even think up a good conversation to go with it (like the previous picture could be "Knock! Knock!" Garth: "Who's there?" (snap picture). Whereas this next one.... well.... What was his photographer coaching him to do here?? What look were they going for I wonder?

Do you think he was trying out for a part on Harry Potter?


or the Psychic Network??


Jennie said...

THIS is what you should blog about! :) I'll never hear that Garth Brooks song again without thinking of you, Georgia my friend! We're missing you here, so much. Thinking of moving over to the mission makes me sad when I think that you won't be here... Praying for you, loving you, missing you!

kristinbednarz said...

LMBO catching up with you and your humor. I can see you in my mind all fun and joyful and full of love! Even for Garth and his definite zin/wisdom I RULE the universe phase. LOL

God Bless!

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