April 28, 2008

"Ekisil- Peace"

This weekend we met with Terrill and Amber who clued us into the Africa- Europe film festival here in Kampala. I love film festivals for the view they give you into other cultures and things out of mainstream. What most interested us all about this film festival was a documentary called "Ekisil- Peace" about Karamoja.

We went early on Saturday and enjoyed it a lot. It was a great view into Karamajong culture. We were all really impressed with the reenactments- which must have been no easy feat. The documentary begins in the Namalu area and ends near Moroto. For us the language in the Namalu area was hard to follow if not unrecognizable, but became more what we know as they moved north. Sadly, the story it portrayed was pretty accurate and common. For those of you who are intersested in Karamajong culture or Nilotic culture this may be something you would like to look into. They are hoping to use it in Karamoja to initiate thoughts about moves towards lasting peace in Karamoja. There is another documentary by the same name about the Turkana.

Hopefully this link will work for you if you're interested: http://www.italiandoc.it/video/296.htm

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