April 24, 2008

Camp Kampala

Stay tuned for a link to Terrill and Amber! ;P
We’ve been in Kampala for almost two weeks. It really does feel like some good ‘debriefing’- getting to chat with friends, discuss where we’ve come from and where we’re headed.

While here we’ve seen some interesting things. And I like interesting things. If you saw the tick blog you would know what I mean by that. However, I restrained and didn’t even take pictures of some of the disgusting… er.. interesting things I’ve seen.

Daisy was up in the grass sniffing around and was lingering in one area. I went over and saw the hugest rat ever.. I mean… I didn’t even take a picture so I wouldn’t disgust queasy readers.. ich. Daisy looked like she was at a funeral- all subdued and respectful over the carcass of this cane rat. Which is understandable when you consider that it was as big as her… with teeth as long as the tip of my little finger… Double ick. Ick doesn’t even cover it- I think you have to get the guttural iCH sound in it.

It’s been raining a lot since we’ve been here. The first night I took a bath I noticed a few ants around the edge. Which I thought was odd- but figured my shampoo was a draw for them. Three days later I walked by in the afternoon and there were thousands of ants- half carrying eggs. Invasion!! Ich again.

On another note, it’s been a little while since I’ve gotten a hair cut.. as in… maybe two years? I may have gotten a trim in Lubbock before we came which would put it at just near two years- or I got a serious cut the April before our wedding- at The Salon in Prague…. So the South Afican I went to in here in Kampala was in for quite a job. When she finished she said “You have new hair!” So I took a Shampoo commercial picture so I could specifically show Jennie my new “do”.

Jacob was my photographer.

You know you don’t look so hip when you’re photographer/husband is laughing and saying “No- don’t do that! Not like that!” However, being as I am, I chose one of the pictures that made Jacob laugh and try to hit delete. I was trying to portray “Yay! I got a hair cut! New hair! I’m spinning in delight!” Do you feel it?? We wanted to see a lot of our Africa/Uganda friends before we left. Quite at the last minute a prayer meeting was called- and we got to see almost everyone. Yeah! It was really refreshing and nice. What fun (did I mention I have new hair? Yay!).


Jennie said...

I feel it! Wow, you are definitely ready for the states, with your gorgeous new do, your clean t-shirt & tan face - watch out Lubbock!

Missing you - thanks for the scrabulous return!!!

Sam Griffin said...

Praying for you guys...Jacob, give me a call when you get to Lubbock. I'll be in Levelland starting Monday!

Merissa said...

Hey guys! I got the Footprints magazine in the mail today and saw that you have a blogspot. What a cool blessing today to get to re-connect with you guys! I've got lots of catching up on your lives to read. Oh, this is Merissa (Stetson) Plummer by the way! :)

Merissa said...

oh, if you'll e-mail me at merissaplummer@yahoo.com, I'll give you my blogspot address.

Anonymous said...

Jacob and wife!
Sorry, I don't know your name. I'm Merissa's mon, Myra. I met you while Merissa was at Wayland. I saw your blog name as I was looking at hers. I have been to S.Africa on 3 short term mission trips and looking at some of your pictures reminded me of the time I spent there. I loved it. I'm so glad I read this. It really touched my heart. Young folks like you giving your lives to God is just so awesome.God bless you and keep yoy safe as you return to America and family. As you continue to serve Him, I pray that He will use you both for HIS GLORY!!!In Christian Love, Myra

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