April 4, 2008


There is a quote that goes something like: He is my friend who speaks well of me behind my back... That quote, if I knew it properly, would be the heading.

I’m interested in who is and who isn’t interested in blogs. For some reason I’m ‘taken’ with them. Whether I’m writing our own or reading our friends or even strangers’- I’m simply taken with them. I find them fascinating and enjoyable. Maybe it is because I know they are so ‘real’- just real people talking about their real lives, and this fascinates me. Jacob jokes that I want to share everything. Not in a “good civilian” way either unfortunately, but in a, I don’t want to miss out on what you’re experiencing kind of way. I find that blogs are just one more way to ‘share’ in other peoples’ experiences and thoughts. This is also why it’s baffling for me to grasp that some people could simply care less… Why aren’t they as fascinated as I am? Can’t I somehow persuade them to be fascinated like me?

And so I move on to the next train of thought: What is the right and wrong way to blog? And my secret hope and belief is that ultimately there is no ‘right or wrong’ way to do this relatively silly new thing- it’s something we’re all just ‘doing’ and thus forming as we go. Like language (though perhaps an English teacher should be the last person to say that). No real rules- we are its artists-it is our art. At this point my old boss Peter would sigh loudly, roll his eyes and walk out of the room- but I digress.

Back to the being an English teacher bit. One basic rule teaching junior high students to write is dealing with audience. Who is your audience? Your writing should reflect your awareness of the audience etc. A letter to the President will of course differ from a letter to your best friend. That’s an interesting aspect of this silly thing we call blogging- who is our audience? Who do we imagine when we write? Ourselves? Our friends? Our worst critics?

In “You’ve Got Mail” Meg Ryan’s character types to Tom Hanks’ character “I imagine we are the oldest and dearest of friends”. I guess that is the ‘audience’ I imagine- friends we know and love, and friends we’ve yet to meet. So, in essence, if you’re a likely critic- don’t waste your time. I’ll only give you more fuel and fodder and it won’t be a good challenge in the least. So.. I guess that just leaves me with more blogging ahead.


Stace said...

I too love blogging. I love reading others' blogs, as well as, writing my own. My husband, Andrew, says I don't have to blog about "everything". It is my way of staying connected and sharing things with my family and friends that I don't get to see on a regular basis. Keep blogging, and I will keep reading. Where will you all be moving to in the States?

Anonymous said...

I love reading blogs. I think it's the same reason that some people love reading celebrity gossip magazines (though I personally don't). It's a way of feeling connected to someone that you admire, care about, obsess over, etc... You get a little peek into their real life and you feel like you know them a little bit better.

ed said...

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