March 24, 2008

Timu Trip- The Ik

Terril and Amber will be working with SIL Uganda to work on an Ik translation of the Bible, as they have nothing. The Ik are relatively small in number at around 10,000. However, they were at a much smaller number about 40 years ago. There was a somewhat controversial (?) book written about them by Collin Turnball (The Mountain People) if you're interested. I was very curious to at last reach either Kamion, Lokwakarimoi or Timu near the Kenyan border to see where they would be working and to see more Ik people.
We took off for a day trip Saturday before last and as we grew nearer it was amazing to see the change in landscape. It may not look it in the photos- but it was much greener and absolutely gorgeous. We were high up and looking over the Rift Valley into Kenya. Amazing! Off in the distance was Morungole and then the mountains of Sudan- and behind Uganda.. How great is that? The pastor of the PAG church in Kaabong went with us and gathered people from their newly formed church there. We met in a mud and grass thatched structure which was a brilliant way to have church. People near Kaabong 'town' insist they have to have a tin roof to have a church- even if they live in a mud hut. This was the right way to do it.
The people we met were very friendly and I was especially interested in the fact that they tied their blankets in the 'old' style, around their necks, and that their dancing involved more choreography and holding hands etc. I felt that one dance included the boy moving his arms up high like a bird's wings as the girls jumped in unison holding hands. It took a lot of persuasion for me to get them to dance and then they didn't pull me in as typically happens. We enjoyed it a lot and enjoyed getting to see Timu with Terril and Amber for the first time.

Here's Jacob with the Rift Valley/Kenya behind.

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Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful to hear about the SIL work with the Ik. We went up to the Ik severl times. Bruce more often than I. I have wonderful pictures of the huts on the edge of cliffs overlooking the Rift. Once we went to hand out baby blankets and baby clothing. It was so much fun! Exalt His name everywhere!
Martha Schmidt

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