March 31, 2008

Til Kaabong...

Til Kaabong…
Things I never thought I would make:
Bread, tortillas, pumpkin curry, mustard (not a big success: Think Gray Poupon’s scary step brother), cheese, crackers and chips.

Things I never thought I would do:
Run excitedly at the thought of cleaning a toilet (see previous blog)
Smile and say thank you when spat on by old people
Smile happily if someone shakes my hand, and asks for a shirt DURING a prayer

Things I never thought I would say:
Is he on his way coming now now? Or is he just coming?
He is somehow okay.
You are all-most welcome.
I am not picking you. -I don’t understand
I am picking your vernacular.- I am learning your language

If you've lived in Kaabong, Uganda, Africa, or anywhere else in the world- what funny English phrases did you pick up?

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