March 21, 2008

Running the Race

It's track season back home and here too it seems. With no warning I went to the school the other day to find that there would be no classes. Children were all outside carrying rocks, digging and measuring preparing for the competitions. There's been no training, aside from maybe a week of running. They dug a hole for long jump, measured a track out with rocks etc. They told me children would be walking from far out villages (even from Nachakonet over 10 miles away!) to compete, and would sleep in the school. I returned the day after next as told and still- no classes! There were hundreds of students, cheering running in the high noon sun. Most running barefoot, one I saw running in a large pair of boots. Some children had collapased from the heat and exertion. They told me to return in two days. I returned to find there would be no classes etc. as the children had moved on to District.. Long story short- these children walked long distances, ran in the afternoon heat- and competed everyday for over a week. Track season in one week! School, Parish, District and Regionals all competed in one week.. Can you imagine?

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