March 16, 2008

Mountains don't Meet...

There's a Karamajong phrase that goes something like: Mountains don't meet, but people do. Something you might say as you're parting someone for what may be for ever... There is always the hope that, as people, we could meet again.

I realize that I haven’t been clear on our future plans, though they’ve been alluded to. We are returning to the States indefinitely at the start of May. We had prayed over this for a number of months, and both feel that this is the correct move for us, as well as the work we had been a part of here. It is always hard to say goodbye, and starting that process here has been very sad.. Perhaps even more so than ever before. Knowing that when we leave, there is no post service here- so no letters, most people don’t have phones and the ones that do have limited power to keep their phones charged, and then there is the issue of limited network. So this goodbye feels very final. It is sad to leave people who you know will suffer more once you are gone, with no advocate there for them. It is a time to trust God as the ultimate Advocate… Sometimes praying feels helpless, and you want to do more. It is a time that is a true test of faith, when you are given the choice of trusting in God’s presence and love, or worrying and fretting.

Terril and Amber have arrived which has been a great blessing! They are coming to work on a Bible translation with the Ik. We have been in contact for months now and see it as a great blessing to be able to have this time of overlap. We’ve cherished the memories we’ve been able to share here- and we look forward to praying for them and encouraging them in the same ways we’ve been loved and encouraged. So we plan on sending them the same kinds of packages that brightened our months (and year!) as well as phone calls and e-mails.

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