March 31, 2008

Flushing in the Dark

Rainy season here is called Nakiporo- which I find interesting as it POURS rain. I believe that dry season has ended and rainy season is officially upon us. The funny thing is… During those dry months you have great power. The solar panels are always fully charged and you can turn on lamps and plug in your computer and just go crazy with all the available power. But… the down side is that you’re getting no water in the catch tanks off of the roof. Which means you have to.. use it sparingly. Cooking, showering, flushing.. So you have limited water and unlimited power (almost) for months.

On the other hand- the days cloud over and you hear the glorious pitter patter of rain on the tin roof and down comes the joyous rain- magically filling up your tanks. We used to laugh that when there would be a big downpour we would jump up and gleefully run to the different bathrooms to clean the toilets and flush while the tanks were full. I wonder if we’ll have to fight that urge once we’re back in America? However, the downside is that while there’s rain and clouds- there’s limited sun on your solar panels- and thus- limited power. So you can flush til you pass out but you can’t turn on your lamp. Then you have limited power but unlimited (almost) water for months. So currently we’re in the dark but we all smell great.

1 comment:

Robin Williams said...

ha! I love this blog. It makes me smile. Not sure why, but smile nonetheless!

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