March 24, 2008

Blessings and Easter Celebration

We took a four day weekend in Kidepo Valley National Park. I think we set a record (seriously) for mzungus in Kidepo. We were 24- and there were 3 Italians there, as well as four or so who had flown in to the fancy lodge... That's a record no doubt! We went with Terril and Amber, as well as the Kaabong MedAir Team and the Medicinos sin Fronteras group. Then the MedAir Abim and Patongo teams came up. We were a caravan and got quite a lot of attention on the way!
With some of our pictures I feel like I could be working for MedAir marketing!It was a huge blessing to take two whole days of relaxation. No responsibilities. We took morning and evening game drives, and rested, talked, and played games in between. Beautiful! We had wonderful weather. I've heard March is the best month for Kidepo- as it's the end of dry season so you have low grass and a higher chance of seeing animals- as well as animals coming closer together in search of water. Also, the roads are still dry for good driving. We were very pleased.

This was our first trip over to the side of the park to see the hot springs. At the hot springs we were only 500 meters from Sudan. It was wonderful. That area of the park looks entirely different. Really fascinating. Many palms- palm nuts, etc. The guide satisfied my curiosity that "Kidepo" is related to the command "pick up"- or "Kidep". Because the people used to come to pick the fallen palm nuts. Neat! We saw our first wild ostriches, secretary bird and baboons (in Kidepo at least). How great! There were beautiful flowers, many elephants (with babies!), zebra, warthogs (with babies too!), giraffes (also with babies), buffalo, red monkies, oribi etc. What a great weekend!
We went to a rock top to celebrate Easter, sang praises and focused on who Christ is and what he is in our lives. It was good for me to get refocused. He is our great Provider and we need not worry- only trust and obey..I needed to remember that.

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