February 28, 2008

To Infinity and 'Buyond'

We've officially packed and crated everything going to America. One of us needed to get these items to Kampala, Jacob being the obvious choice, and get them all sent off to the states. We had worked out with Buyondo that he would venture into Karamoja, a definite first for him, and help us out. Buyondo Ernest is a great guy with a wonderful smile. We were excited to have him come up.

He does a lot of chaffeuring while we're in the south. The company he works for has many different cars and, as is typical here, they have snazzy sayings in large print across the back windsheild. Our favorite is a nice van with MIRACLE 5 in huge print across the back. We know this is a Christian company- but we still joke about what the 'miracle' can be.. Is it a miracle you arrive alive? Is it a miracle 5 people can fit in the vehicle?

Buyondo (pronounced Beyond-o) arrived yesterday afternoon, excited and exhausted. He had run out of gas and luckily found a 'gas/petrol' station north of here at the end of what ended up being a two day trip; meaning he thankfully found some people in Kapedo with some cans of fuel- who sold it to him for outrageous prices. But boy are we glad! Otherwise he wouldn't have made it.

He was so thrilled to be here. I took him out to the water tanks to fetch water for a bucket shower. He kept giggling and smiling hugely. He kept saying "Wow! It's like I'm in the movies!" Sometimes I think of living here like living with a unibrow or a third eye. Perhaps you would get to used to it yourself and begin to think it's normal. Then when someone responds in astonishment you're reminded how odd it is. I occasionally feel like there's nothing 'really' so different about here. It's dusty like home. It's windy. The people like to wave...

But then when someone even from the same country comes up and is in such shock.. then I'm reminded of my unibrow!

The van Buyondo pulled up in was not, in fact, the MIRACLE.. Rather it had BE A BLESSING across the back in one foot letters- and in smaller print freak. This really tickled me... So when he uses this van we can say "The freak" has arrived. But seriously, the van was the perfect size and all of our things fit without problem.. So really, it's a super freak to me!

*Just FYI- Jacob and Buyondo made it to Kampala safely in the freak and perhaps managed to be a blessing..

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