February 8, 2008

Lopelipel Children Training

This Wednesday was our first ever “children’s training” at Lopelipel. Our goal is to train trainers at Lopelipel to be able to train the children (T4T). The children are always there and always sit through the entire story meeting, though nothing is tailored for them.

It’s “nakamu” or dry season, and it has been dryer and hotter than usual. But as we walked west, the sky clouded over and a cool breeze came in. It was perfect and beautiful walking weather. We arrived and sat under a bare tree to wait for all of the leaders to arrive. Jacob and the leaders had been telling the children that “Nakiru” (Georgia) would be coming on this week to teach them and they were ready!

As we sat there, the children gathered around, some timidly reaching out to touch my hair when I was turned the other way. From there we began to learn together while we waited for the adults to gather.

What better place to start than creation? None of these children go to school much less speak English. They have never had any teaching directed at them. They typically sit (quietly might I add) while adults talk for hours. So when I began to pull things out of my pocket, asking them what they were- they were literally transfixed. They leaned forward and giggled excitedly as I pulled exciting things out of my pocket such as: grass, pebbles, flower petals etc.

What fun! We did hand motions to remember what God created on each day. The little ones got side tracked staring at their own hands in the new motion, but the older ones were eager participants.

Engwar’s daughter was there, adorable and somber with her little brother on her back. Today I noticed the blanket she had the brother wrapped in was- one of the storying cloths! It is possible that this is a cloth I gave Engwar when Michelle and Veronika visited in late July, even at that it is only six months old… The other option is that it is only a month old. The wear and tear here is beyond our comprehension- this cloth was ripped, torn and faded. Amazing!

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