February 24, 2008

Juicy Information (Gross blog)

Warning: this may not sit well with queasy customers.

This is gross… I realize that most people don’t care to read gross blogs. But I like to imagine that you (whoever you are.. ) are here with us. And that I’m coming in from a long day and sharing a bit of what we saw or experienced.

Well if you were here- I would definitely show you this! Even if you would screech and push it away- I still like to think you would be interested.

I heard a while back that shepherds will pull the ticks off of cows and eat them after singeing/cooking them. Eww. I know. I couldn’t really picture this. I envisioned a plump deer tick and thought- now seriously- is it worth it?

Well today I was bracing myself against howling winds and dust clouds- and I had my head down. Just as I crossed into the gate of our compound- what did I behold on the ground? Friends, it appeared to be a grape.. A disgustingly wilted and alarmingly MOVING grape. Upon closer inspection I saw that it was indeed a tick. A huge- plump-tick. I could not resist getting a picture..

I am posting it on the slim chance that there is someone out there with a curiosity (shall we call it ‘thirst for knowledge’?) like me.

So without further ado- here it is.

Bon apetit!

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