February 17, 2008

Bits and Pieces

So here are some short 'bits and pieces' of life here. Sorry it's not uniform in thought.

I (Georgia) went to Lomusian to start back up with school work and... We were locked out! There was another teacher, and random students on the outside with me, while the other pupils and teachers were locked in.. Apparently the school cook locked up and went to the beer stand for a drink... Totally normal right?
We did finally get in and were able to work out what 'looks' to be a good schedule for this next term. I'm excited! Remember the small mud classroom for P1? Last term I had over 50 kids in there.. At the beginning of this term there will be about 120! Whoa! Thankfully they're trying to build a new 'real' classroom for the kids. And of course the numbers will drop when food runs out (World Food school).

We have also started doing something that has been a great encouragement to us. We began to meet with local church leaders to do Training for Trainers (for Sunday School teachers). We said we would do a training on Saturday. Showed up it was announced that everyone should come EVERY Saturday to our training. Slight miscommunication. So we adjusted and back we were this last Saturday. This group is passionate and excited. It's been great fun and encouraging to work with them!

In unrelated news- Daisy's got some new bling! Karamoja style... Lookin' good!
In more random news- it has been hot... Hot as in, I don't remember it being this hot last year- hot. Ugh. And it seems to be Chameleon season on the 'ranch'. I saw a black and white streaked Chameleon clinging to our fence, and a small green one in a tree and then a big green one in the yard. Last year around this time I saw a small brown and white one on a branch. Neat critters!
Last, but not least, (or maybe it is)- I have officially gone Sudoku-Ku Ku. Claudia left a Sudoku book here and after we returned from Kampala I have done 100 in two weeks.. I'm obsessed!

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