February 24, 2008

10 Reasons To Have (a) Buddy

picture by Jakob Swartz
CBD seeks LLF (Cute Brown Dog- seeks Loving Loyal Family)

I was talking with Buddy the other day about the changes that will be coming up. We’re on our count down and wrapping up: preparing to head to the Panhandle. I explained to Buddy that he is truly a wonderful dog to have, especially in Karamoja. He’s so well adapted (he agreed). I gave him a lot of hugs and assured him that he would have a new family to fawn over and who would love him and hug him and talk to him… He was sad and didn’t want to talk much after that. I tried to encourage him that everyone that visits us prefers his company to Daisy’s. But he was still sullen…
He doesn’t look forward to a huge move away from Karamoja. He doesn’t like getting in cars much and is a bit set in his ways. Ideally he’ll find a wonderful home here. But, in case we don’t (we have ONE option (we're hoping Terril and Amber are dog people!)), we agreed to try and see if anyone in Kampala or other parts of Uganda may be interested in a little piece of furry fun. I told him that I had mentioned him to family or two who were looking for a dog. He became reasonable and helped me make a list of “Top Ten Reasons You Need A Buddy”.

By Buddy Boregard Budros Pierce

1. I’m a great hug. I will let you hug me on any day- bad or good. I will sit there and look at you adoringly and wag my tail.

2. If you become my master, you will become the center of my universe. Wherever you go, I will want to go. Where you sit, I will want to sit etc.
3. I’m great at keeping secrets.. Seriously, try me. I love to listen and I never grow weary of time with you.
4. I’m a great source of fun on the trail. I can’t go so far because I tend to pant really hard and need a lot of water.. BUT I can manage the trail to town and keep you company and scare off some unwanted company on occasion.
5. I’m just plain clever. I can ‘sit’, ‘shake’, 'stay', and pick which hand has a treat in it.
6. I’m simply good protection. I love to bark at people passing in the night. They wouldn’t dream of coming where I am.
7. I’m sooo cute. This may not appeal half as much to the male in your family- but I think any female will attest to my adorable factor. I mean, just look at me. 8. I let you know when anyone has entered the compound and I have a special bark that’s super worked up if they near the house or try to pass to the other compound. You’ll never want a doorbell again once you’ve had me.
9. I’m simply a good dog. I don’t know if it comes from being owned by a doctor previously- but I’m VERY agreeable. I’ll let you pick me up, wash me, give me a shot, check any thorns. I will sit patiently. I’m very good at this. I simply want to make you happy. 10. Did I already mention how loyal, clever and adorable I am? Do you really need a tenth reason? (Please love me!)


Jennie said...

Georgia!!! You're making me want to keep Buddy...well, I'm at least going to spread the word the Medair folk down here to see if there are any takers. Buddy needs a home!!!! Miss you!

Robin said...

oh my gosh, that blog is great and he's too adorable. i don't want you to give Buddy up! i wish i could have him!

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