January 18, 2008

Worth a thousand words (Plus some)*

They say one picture is worth a thousand words. We're at the guest house in Kampala getting mail, doing business and over all relaxing, and we have w.i.r.e.l.e.s.s... We're about to pass out from excitement. Can you tell? Not being ones to waste a good opportunity to...well.. basically waste time, we wanted to put some fun pictures on of day to day life in Karamoja. I'll just let them speak for themselves. All but the last one that is.

(It's a pangolin exoskeleton in case you're wondering. I know I was. Bizaro!)


Anonymous said...

What great pictures! How cool!


Anonymous said...

Hello Reed Family,

My name is Scott Brewer and I am a Youth Minister in Houston Texas (www.go2clbc.org). I am coming to Kampala in March. I am coming to help a friend start a business. My email is olduthman@yahoo.com


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