January 17, 2008

Rhino what you're thinking

While in Entebbe we took a short trip to the zoo. It was loads of fun and we had the most fun watching the Vervet monkeys running wild. Used to people, they sat and groomed right at our feet, the youngsters chewing on straws like little hairy children.

We strolled through the small zoo, passing time. We came to the Rhino area. It was sad for me, imagining that these animals used to be so many, that mankind is so evil. There are only two white rhinos at the zoo, and no wild rhinos left in Uganda. They were all killed off by 97. We talked quietly- and came up close to the fence, leaving the grass path. My teacher blood boiled and I feared getting caught "off the path". We stooped next to the cattle fence. Three thick poles- at least 12 inches apart.

We discussed how people could easily crawl through, toddlers even, and how if it was home it would be a lawsuit waiting to happen. We took pictures in silence of the huge sleeping rhino- only 10 feet from us. His huge nostrils blowing air like some dinosoar before us. Even though he was sleeping I imagined he looked sad and depressed. Like an ambitious man who had been laid off, couldn't find work and felt useless.
As we whispered in awe- two people came up beside us- and BEFORE OUR VERY EYES- crawled in to get a 'better shot'! We were floored. The rhino didn't move and we chided the young man as he stood not even 12 inches away getting a picture.

Now I know what you're thinking.. I've become cynical or calloused.. But BOY people can be dense! This guy left and not even 3 minutes later the other rhino plunged through the bushes and plopped down.

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