January 22, 2008

Mega Voice

We got our first sample player in from Mega Voice and we're looking forward to getting the rest of the players in quickly.

For the last five years people have been working on Bible stories for the Karamajong in Kaabong. After five years of work we had recorded 53 stories and selected Proverbs and all of this audio had to be carried around on six cassettes per leader. With these new players they will be able to carry around this megavoice (roughly the size of a cassette tape) with all 53 stories on it!

Within the year we expect an audio New Testament in Ngakaramajong to be released by another organization.

Now with these new audio players and this audio New Testament these Karamajong might possibly be able to listen to the Bible in their own language whenever they choose.

(solar panel- no batteries)

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