January 12, 2008

The Light

Claudia entering Rapanyang village- Gate number 3
We always joke about 'lights at the end of our tunnel.' We were at three months 'in' (which may not seem like a lot.. but oh.. it IS to me) when our friends Danny and Claudia came to see us, the ministry, the lay out etc of Kaabong and Karamoja. What a blessing! Not just because we were desperately lonely and at the end of any tether or anything- but simply because they're great folks and we love them! They were the light at the end of our tunnel.

We had a great visit and got to show off Kaabong to them. I don't think they're thinking of relocating up here now... But none the less they got the flavor of Karamoja, with all of its charm and beauty.

It's bone dry this December. We kept hoping for some late nakiru arupe, or late harvest rains, to fill our tanks- but no such luck. As all of the shepherds were herding in their cattle at dusk, clouds of dust were kicked up in each direction all along the horizon. What a sight.

Danny had been in a boda accident, and I had been under the weather, so we stayed primarily around the Kaabong area. We went to the nearby village of "Rapanyang" to visit Tubo. What a great visit! Top notch really. If we got Tubo a name tag and could ensure safety- we could really get a little tourism industry going. They're saling "authentic" Karamajong necklaces at a snazzy boutique in Kampala for about $30 a pop- and though they've been washed, if you sniff real hard (I did and got odd stares today- still with Kaabong dirt marks on my feet and all) you can smell "Karamoja" the smoke, cattle, dirt and all.

So here are some pictures. We're sad to leave our friends behind in Karamoja (we really are!)- but we were ready to come out. Oh.. so... ready...
Young Shepherd with beads and beautiful smile.

Karamajong village from over-head.

Kaabong Airstrip.

Danny and Claudia greeting Isaya.
Rapanyang Village- Granaries.

Rapanyang Village- Hut area- men's "area"- the women's "area" was beyond the wall.

Proud Shepherd with cattle in village.

As for me; our 'tunnel' has given way to open road and light and we're thrilled to have some time 'out'. It's true... I miss cheese, electricity (unlimited power!), post office, phone network and other little 'perks' of civilisation.. I do.. I admit it. "Hello, My name is Georgia and I'm a Civilisationaholic..."

(Note: Primarily all of these pictures are compliments of Danny and Claudia, the Domino and Golf Champs. Thanks!)

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