January 30, 2008

Kenya's Unrest

Many of our IMB friends have been in Kenya for a meeting. As you are most likely aware, there have been many 'disturbances' and problems there since Kenya's December presidential election. With that in mind, we sent our friends off with much prayer, trusting that they would be okay, despite newsbroadcasts of fires in the streets and violent demonstrations.

Then, yesterday, to our surprise all of our friends returned. To our understanding things had taken a turn for the worse during the night. I won't go into details as I may not have them exactly right, and often times, hearing them from far away is really frightening when your loved ones are 'near the news'.

As our friends arrived here to the Baptist Mission in the evening, they filed off the bus tired and weary. Oh the sleepy little children! They all had, I don't doubt, a long and emotional day. We praise the Lord that they are all here safe and out of harm's way.

However, many of our friends and their families who live and work there are still there. I imagine it must be very frightening for them. It is frightening for us here, knowing that typically Kenya is the 'stable' and 'bright, shining star' (in our minds) of stability and modernization. Seeing it in this state is both sad and unsettling.

Let's all remember to pray for those who are there (national and international) who are unable to leave, as we also praise Him for the safe arrival of our friends.

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