January 21, 2008

Happy Day Daisy!

(This is silly.. I know it is.. Please bear with me!)

Today is officially Daisy's 'birth' day. I know I know.. She's a dog! I think joking so often that she's "our baby" to the Karamajong has worn me down a bit (read: made me crazy(ha ha)). It's easier to joke that way than to explain why we don't have a baby.
We (meaning me mainly) sure do miss her while we're down here in Kampala!

As she's grown she's gone through many stages. As in: normal girl dog- to the bearded lady. The dog who sleeps in any open bag to the dog who eats any... 'droppings'(aka- poop). And just a dog to our little girl.

To all our friends with children we must sound insane.

I know this.

Danny joked that we have to remember she's not a little girl in a dog suit.. We jokingly refer to that a lot... At least I think we're joking...

This is her before her 'beard' then after. Seriously- is she not cute?

(picture courtesy of Jakob Swartz Sorenzon- Kaabong) :o)

(Daisy with attitude. You go girl!)

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