January 17, 2008


Jacob went out to gather eggs the other day from our storage room. The hens are always busy clucking away and making a general fuss- while the proud rooster normally squacks and makes a racket outside the door. I imagine he's a fidgety first time father outside the waiting room while his wife delivers.

This day he came out and had... not the GINORMOUS egg we surprisingly found last week- and not just a 'small' egg- but a teeny tiny egg! He came out laughing- assuming an egg was ill-formed or the chicken had an infection. All of the students were sitting in yard with Nakoli when he came out.

"Look at this egg!" he told them. And almost in unison they said, "The Rooster laid it!"

Now people.... There's a lot we can roll with.. But the rooster??

Jacob clarified, "The rooster? The rooster laid this egg?"

"Yes!" They all emphatically agreed- nodding their heads.

"Have you ever seen a rooster squat himself down and squeeze an egg out??" he asked them.

One boy said that most definitely he has seen a rooster lay an egg...

Eggskuse me for being skeggtical- but I don't think so! Here's our egg that our one of a kind, amazing rooster... squeezed out.

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