January 18, 2008

*****Daisy and Buddy's Meme*****

I suppose I am typing this in case any of you needed any proof that I, Georgia, have gone over the edge. I do take full responsibility. Please don't think it is Jacob. If you are of the 'serious' constitution and want to only read about our ministry- then please, I beg you, don't read this!

Today I was reading a blog I like called "Mary's View". I like this blog because Mary takes beautiful pictures of nature and, likes her dogs a lot.. Which makes me feel a little better about liking ours so much. On this particular day Mary did a Meme (what does that mean?) for her dogs. I felt that Daisy and Buddy would like to have their voices heard. I can't help but wonder what Bessie's cat Norman would have to say to these questions? (I'm even backdating this with the hope that few see it! Oh dear.. if you're not with me turn back now!)

For you pet lovers, consider the fact that we all have a 'voice' we occasionally use which we imagine this animal would have, or a personality they would have... So admit it! You do it too and you're wondering what your pets' answers could be!

So forsaking my last stake on sanity- I go on...
An interview with two western dogs living in the bush

I. What are your favorite songs?

Need I remind you that I'm a dog?... I don't really have a favorite song. I don't know what music is... I do like when Jacob says "Budros Budros Golly" and sometimes when he asks me questions over and over I'll make a strange sound like I'm trying to sing or be human.. Does that count?

Music? I love music! I like the new song Danny sang to me "Daisy! Daisyyy Crocket! Queen of the wild frontier!" I like when mom and dad sing anything. I go nuts and jump up and down between them barking.

II. What are your favorite toys?


I'm not a toy dog thank you very much. I take those ol' chews Jacob gives me and I go immediately and hide them in the yard.. I do like any toy Daisy has- and will steal them from her. But as soon as she walks away I could care less. I like chasing lizards though. A LOT. I can stare at them for hours and my tail starts to tremble.


I love socks! I don't mean to take my mom and dad's special socks.. but when they come in from a long hike and are all bunched up by the door (the socks- not mom and dad) I can't resist the temptation to run around the house with them! I especially LOVE chews! Mom and dad bring some little ones that fit in my mouth from Kampala.. I chew on them forever and they laugh at me because they look like cigarettes. I HATE any toy that was actually bought for the purpose of me playing with it... Won't even touch those things.

III. What are five things you love to eat?


Only five? Are you kidding me?


Cow patties.. chicken droppings are nice on occasion. I think mom is especially proud of me because she typically squeals and runs after me when I do this. I think she can't contain her happiness... Yeah- Ick- I know.. I like to remind them that I am after all- A DOG.
And of course I clean any bowls they eat from.. Of course.

IV. What are five of your favorite activities?


1. lizard hunter
2. barking at anyone I want to
3. getting my chest scratched
4. going to town without the squirt
5. But my most preferred activity is dominating anything that will stand still. Cats, chickens, Daisy.. I must always assert my manly dominance over my domain.


1. Playing SOCK!
2. Chasing Mice
3. Chasing (dancing around) insects
4. hide and seek with mom and dad.. Really- I'm so clever.
5. My all time favorite thing...bothering Buddy! He hates playing- but I like to jump up and 'hit' him in the face with my two front paws. I think it's adorable and after a while, when he can ignore me no longer, he attacks me and I love the attention!
V. What are five of your bad habits?


1. Licking one area disgunstingly, like a paw etc. (or so I'm told)
2. Dominating smaller animals
3. Stealing Daisy's food.
4. When I'm awfully tired (as distinguished dogs like myself do tend to get) I lay in front of the door and won't budge when Jacob or Georgia wants in or out. I lay there like a log and they have to puussshh me over with the door and squeeeeezzze through.. I still don't move.. I know this is bad- but what's a distinguished chap to do?

5. I am quite set in my ways you see... At night, when there's movement around the compound, be it people, foxes etc.. I like to warn the neighbors or put out a general notice that this is MY territory.. I believe that my owners view this negatively as on occasion Jacob wakes up (and he is not so friendly then) and comes out with a large stick.. He shows it to me and I wait quietly until I figure he's back in bed (and surely asleep) and then I continue.. I think they may not like that.. But I won't let their quirks interfere with my duties, and after all, I can sleep the next day can't I?


I don't think it's fair to assume that we all have so many as FIVE bad habits (Like Uncle Buddy for example).. I mean.. I really can't think of a one for me... My mind is a blank...

"Oh the temptation!"

However.. my humans seem to think these are pretty bad..
1. chasing chickens

2. chasing goats, sheep...

3. chasing BULLS

4. chasing children

5. eating poo


Stacy (Harlan) Miller said...

I absolutely love this post! I love reading your blogs. I think, I too, have become a blogaholic....

Mary said...

I am SO HAPPY to know that I'm not the only person in this world who dotes on my dogs and spoils them...

I just loved this post. So well written on behalf of Daisy and Buddy. They are precious. Let's hear more about them now and then :o)

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