January 26, 2008

Confessions of a blogaholic and a pic from Karyn

So blooping is relatively new for us.. and internet is sparse in our part of the world (esp. up in kb) so I've been shocked at my tendencies to be a blogaholic when we do have internet connection.. and not only that- but even worse a blogacrite (?). I log on and check blogs I find interesting and am immensely disappointed if they haven't updated. Now that we get wireless here in the guesthouse while visiting the south- I'm particularly foul. What are they waiting for?!- I just checked it yesterday- or even worse- this morning! Why don't people update their blogs more often? And yet I have nothing new to say on our blog- so I don't update.. oh dear- there's a plank in my eye.
The problem is I really have nothing to say- BUT I wanted to feel less "blogcritical"- so I had to think of something. So.. Here-goes.

One of our fun activities while in the south is looking for fun signs. The official language is english, but some people are still working it out. That being said- there are some funny signs at home. Typos, mistakes etc.

Not living down here some of the funny sayings strike us as even funnier than the folks that do live here. Out yesterday with friends we saw a sign outside an asian supermarket. There was apparently a nice 'beauty product' and the sign said "CLEAN FACE EVERYDAY FOR GOOD INFECT". I think I'll pass thanks.

And one of my favorites is a sign in a fancy dress store. Right next to the main door is a printed sign saying "Pretty Reasonable Prices".. well if you put it THAT way.
Here's one from Colorado...

The other day Tubo came to the gate and was whispering conspiratorially to me as he made a request. This didn't surprise me- but I really could not make out what he was asking me in English. He became persistent and upset at my lack of comprehension. He kept saying "Ham-Pillow- do you have a ham-pillow?!" Remember he was trying to be all secretive like so the other workers/people who sit in our yard didn't notice. He had been sick with abdominal pain for about a week so I assumed it was related. Did he want a donut pillow to sit on? I was baffled. After many attempts he made motions with his hands speaking slowly like I was a difficult child, "A HAM PILLOW!! to put the letter in!!". Click. I got it.. envelope.. Well obviously!

This then brought to mind a funny thing a French 6th grader said at Riverside. He became very animated when I wouldn't give him a "hot lunch" in the classroom. The meals served at lunch were called "hot lunches" so I of course jumped to that assumption. He kept repeating that he wanted the "hot lunch". Finally he used his hands- holding his paper up and looking at me like I just landed from Mars.. A "hot lunch" to put holes in the paper.. ahhh! "Hole Punch!" Louis, I'll never forget that one!

Last, but not least, a bit of information that has no continuity with todays blogaholic confessions. I L.O.V.E. happy smiley pictures. The kind of pictures you get before people realize there's a camera. That baby up top is from Karyn (thanks Karyn!). This is a baby in an orphanage near/in Kampala.. Too cute! What's his name Karyn?

If you have any great-caught-in-the-moment-could-spew-milk-from-nostrils laughing shot- I'd love to see it.


Karyn said...

His name is Esther. It's ok, she's dressed in yellow. I'll forgive you.

The Reeds said...

Oops! SHE is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Stumbled onto your blog. I'm 26 and am living in a rural village outside of Entebbe, creating a village of homes for orphaned children with HIV. I'm a christian and have a pastor friend in the karamojong who I would like to visit at the end of Feb. I would be bringing a couple friends and would really like to hear about what you are doing and if you are still in Karamojong, could you let me know of any dangers or helpful tips?? I would be going to the Abeem district.

Sounds like you are both doing awesome work there!!!

God bless! Rachel Parsons

Anonymous said...

I've never left a comment on a blog before, not even my sister-in-law's, so I hope you feel special!! I don't think you are the only one with feelings of disappointment when you go to a blog to find it's not been updated...I would venture a guess that most anyone who regularly reads a blog has those same feelings, it's just funny that you put it into words! I love your stories about the word misuse. Matt often sends emails about various signs he finds on the internet...but his sister sent us a website that has a collection of them: http://www.engrish.com/category_index.php?category=CHINGLISH

very funny, if you have a chance to check them out.
Love y'all! Jill

The Reeds said...

Thanks for commenting (I do feel special)! Jill, when we have CONSTANT internet access (like here at the Baptist Mission Guest House)- I'm on so much that I even get frustrated when CNN and BBC don't update their stories!

You know that's bad...

It's a disorder I'm certain.

Jacob is on the website and laughing even now!

Rachel- we would love to give you any advice we can! Abim is a bit different, (geographically considered Karamoja though). You can write us at www.jacob.georgia@yahoo.com. Once we're back in Kaabong (day after tomorrow) our responses will be v..e...r...y.... delayed. So I hope I get back to you in time!

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