January 31, 2008

Birthday Blog

Tonight some amazing friends here made me feel loved. We squeezed all of our last minutes out of this day, packing up, meeting with friends, getting last minute supplies we can't get in Kaabong etc. In the evening I was called over to the adjoining suite and there was a room full of our friends. Then they all started singing Happy Birthday.. To me! I was so surprised! The element of surprise was heightened by the fact that my birthday was 3 days ago. They even had a beautiful cake compliments of the wonderful Rose. Thank you soo much friends for making me feel special!

Once at Wayland a friend named Danielle gave me a pot of blooming tulips for my birthday. I never even knew I liked tulips, but for some reason that gift has always stood out in my mind as touchingly beautiful. It's a treasure when people in our lives are able to help us see more joy and happiness in our lives and in ourselves.

So grateful!

Laughter is beautiful, and even more so when with friends.

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