January 17, 2008


About once a week we burn our trash/rubbish. Our trashman(Jacob) comes along and gathers our garbage and off he goes to the trash burning pit right past our gate, but still within the outer compound. We usually filter through all of the good/salvagable things- like used cans or bottles and shepherds especially love to get them and use them etc. Someone in our house (ahem) threw away an aerosol can of some kind and didn't warn the kind garbage man... But who's naming names right? Jacob had started the fire and was back in our garden and I was in the house- when we heard "Ka-BOOM!" just like in a comic book but without fun colors and zig zags around the words.

My immediate thoughts were, "It's not gunfire and it's too close to be the army". We ran out to find.. A fire! As it would go- the wind had just started blowing the day before. The area near our 'dump' has knee high grass and was crackly dry from no rains. The wind 'wooshed' in and we had a serious grass fire on our hands!

As flames began to lick and jump towards the dry grass leading to our house- I began jumping on it trying to stamp it out in my cheap plastic sandals, saying in my head "stop drop and roll" over and over. Jacob ran to the back to try and hold off the flames from crossing over to the garden area. We were running back and forth frantically with jerry cans full of water- dousing the dancing flames. We would leave only to return and find the area we had just doused was clear but a new area was ablaze.

Nakoli crutched out to watch- helpless. All she could do was yell "over here! Get the flames over there! Run!" And we ran on frantically-pumping wildly at the borehole (in the far background), and running awkwardly with water sloshing everywhere. Finally we began to gain control and for short few minutes the wind let up. At last- Victory!

When the fire was contained we all sat back on a wooden bench to check the damage. Daisy was panting wildly as she had kept up with our every step. Buddy had given up early on and sat wearily next to Nakoli. Jacob's leg hairs were singed- but the surrounding gardens(farms) and land were safe!

We got a good laugh of it- and Nakoli kept on for the next couple of days imitating her yelling and how we "ran ran ran!" to anyone that would listen. Thank God for his protective hand.

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