January 20, 2008

Anybody home McFly?

Do you remember Back to the Future something or other? I don't that well- but I seem to remember something about "Anybody home Mc Fly?" That's how I'm feeling out here in this cyber world. I once heard someone say that a conversation is like a game of tennis- you each have to hit, and return serves etc. Now I'm not trying to call 'blogging' or 'blooping' as my friend Brenda called it, a conversation.. but.. I do feel like one of those red 'lobster' machines on a tennis court- just shooting serves out- across the net- to nothing. Bloop! bloop! bloop!

So my question is: Anybody home? Anybody out there?? I would love to hear from you if you pop by. See right below this entry- where it says # of comments? Put your mouse over that- click- and you get to return a serve! You can sign on with your 'google' acount if you have one, or just click anonymous and sign your name- or type your name in nickname. Say hello. Say we're silly. Say you're oddly craving Red Lobster tonight or a game of tennis... Let us know what you think! Too many pictures? Too much writing? I don't want to be a lobster anymore. Help me out people!

A throw out to "You've Got Mail" here:

me: knock knock.
you: Who's there?
me: Orange.
you: Orange who?
me: Orange you gonna leave me a comment??? :0)

1 comment:

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