December 15, 2007

Random News

Note: We ran out of time so this is written as though all of the pictures got attached though they didn't all make it.

We won’t have internet access for the next 3 or 4 weeks so we wanted to put on some random information. Here’s what’s been going on in our world.

The other day Jacob went to retrieve eggs from our storage and came up with this gargantuan egg! We’ve been joking that it’s a turkey egg, and our workers joke us back that it’s a green mamba’s egg. I think you can safely say it’s Eggcelent and that the chicken that laid it won't soon be forgetten it! The other day Tubo’s wife came over with some children from the village for water from the borehole. We sat visiting and spontaneously she gave me some beads. A very kind gesture indeed. The women have been talking a lot lately about how it’s time I got my “marriage promise”- the equivalent of my wedding ring I suppose. All of the women will gather beads in a bucket then we will meet, dance and they will deck me out. Hopefully with beads up to my chin so that I can’t feed myself or see the ground. They’re really thrilled about this and keep motioning how high my beads will go. So Cari giving me beads was kind..
Then she insisted I go in and get Jacob to take a picture of us together with the beads. The first picture she choreographed, she is somberly kneeling before me, then we’re side by side- and finally she kept insisting we do something that neither of us (me or Jacob) could catch. So Jacob got the camera ready- counted- and she tackled me! After I realized that she wanted a picture of us “Play fighting” I complied and we took about 3 of these pictures. For a woman whose maybe had 4 or 5 pictures of her taken in her entire life- these were the ones she was most impressed with. When we would scroll to them she kept laughing, pointing and squealing how wonderful it was… “We’re fighting over the beads!” She would say… I’m still lost. But I tell you what, she seems to like me a whole lot more now.. Maybe because she’s dominated me and has proof. Ha. Perhaps I have suppressed memories of letting children beat me up to gain popularity...Hmm...

One of Cari’s friends was there also and joined in the fun. We discussed marriage and how many co-wives they wanted to have. They both insisted that the more co-wives the better- up to five- someone to share the load! You can see Cari’s friends beauty marks on her chest and face and the ‘nose ring’ (aka twig) in her right nostril.

Here’s our one of our little shepherd friends from Rapanyang – Lojikan Lino. He seriously is an old man trapped in a child’s body. He talks and has the mannerisms of someone 80 years his senior. He’s a hoot. He's one of my P1ers.

Then the guys took a shot at the camera- here’s their picture of me…

On a different note.. We’ve been in now for just over 9 weeks- and have another month to go before we head back to Kampala. It’s really sad and shameful to say how absurd we are. Jacob’s parents brought us chicken meat. Yes we have chickens running around. Yes they have meat we can eat.. But there’s just something about that steroid injected, white perfection from home.. Here we are sadly bidding farewell to our last can of chicken meat. Good bye ol’ friend.
Kitty Kitty has successfully delivered four kittens into the world. They are kindly referred to as: Tom, Red, Big Red, and Rat… I know, our creativity astounds you.

Uncle Buddy and Daisy were anxiously waiting at the screen door. Waiting for what I’m not sure but they were very curious.

Ingenuity in Kaabong. Kids in Africa are generally good natured and happy. Even when they’re hungry or only have dirty to play with they never complain. In the south you see a lot of little stick cars or juice box cars. In Kaabong town we sometimes see these cardboard box cars on strings and sticks. How creative is that?
It’s not unusual to see leaves with rocks on them, or sticks across a path. Normally they signify that someone has placed a rock or leaf there before there journey for safety or that they have visited the witch doctor to try and charm the enemies from not passing a certain way. These past few weeks south of us some villagers have erected these “raiding roadblocks” to stop the raiders from coming their way… Raiding has increased so… maybe it’s not effective???

And for those of you (if there’s anyone at all) who keep up with this blog, we had introduced you to Thomas Lodukai. His aunt lives in town and is one of those people who just exudes happiness and peace. She’s really inspirational. She’s one of those people I meet who I just want to hug and say thank you with all my heart for just being herself. She was born with no arms and a few missing toes. But she’s always very friendly and never complains. How amazing…

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