November 6, 2007

Thomas Lodukai- Story Leader

Note: Two weeks ago Thomas was ill and went to the dispensary near his village for medicine. While there the soldiers took him for routine ‘disarmament’ procedures. They wanted guns and he had none to give. So they kept him there to do labour until they finally released him a week ago. Thank you for your prayers for him! While there he got to share his faith and has now asked for Bibles to take back to the men that kept him there.

Thomas Lodukai- Thomas is from our farthest storying center “Nachakonet”. It is about a 8-10 mile walk one way to Thomas’ home. Jacob walks to his village once a week to meet, tell the stories and pray together. Thomas is very young and faithful. Most people in the villages don’t know the years they were born, but we guess that Thomas can’t be older than 25. He has a young wife and 3 children. Jacob gave Thomas his last pair of Cabela’s hiking boots. That next week Thomas arrived, after the long hike, proudly with his new boots on (that were ‘almost’ the right size) and NO socks! Ouch.
Thomas had an early experience with a Turkana raiding experience in which he first began to believe in God. He was a young boy with his grandfather when a raiding party of Turkana came- killing everyone in their path. He tells the story that he was frightened as they began to attack his grandfather and the grandfather told him, “Run!” He said he ran one way and then another. Every way he ran he ran into Turkana. He said there was no escape. They attacked him and left him for dead. He said he lay for a long time- abandoned and bleeding. (he doesn’t know the time- day or days). Finally he heard a voice around him saying, “Get up Thomas. Go home.” He thought, “I can’t! I’m dying!” The voice said again, “Thomas, I tell you to get up and and go home.” At last Thomas got up, and began to walk. He still has the scars from his attack and doesn’t know how he made it home. But this was his first experience with God, and he has hungered to know more about God since that time so long ago.
Pray for the people of Nachakonet, that they would value God’s word and the stories that Thomas shares with them. Pray that Thomas catches a vision for planting a church in his place. That he won’t be afraid of the army, the enemies or any other dangers. Many of the men and women from around his village are frightened of the military presence as well as raiding clans from a southerly sub-tribe- and they are living in the bush to hide.

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