November 27, 2007

Sweet Fellowship and Thanksgiving

As thanksgiving was coming up fast we had no plans and hoped in some ways the holiday season would pass us quickly and thus be merciful. But God had other plans! We have been greatly blessed by a lot of social activity these past few weeks- and we’ve been very grateful for it.

Last week Medicos sin Fronteras and MedAir had a friendly game of volleyball- in which we joined. However, we learned quickly that the local Karimojong are not just good- but GREAT volleyball players and very competitive. We were really impressed! We still got the chance to get out and play a little ball. All friendly competition as you can tell. The black t-shirts are MedAir (who we played for), and the white is MSF.

CHOGM is having its meeting here in Uganda (and the queen actually came!)- so we ended up having a true public holiday for Thanksgiving. Whippeee! For those of you who aren’t familiar with CHOGM- all I can tell you is that it has to do with former members of the British Common Wealth- and event hat information may be flawed. The point is that we got to have a holiday! We got to have friends from Medicos Sin Fronteras and MedAir over for a real thanksgiving dinner. Mind you there was no turkey involved and we only managed two scraggly chickens between about 14 people- but nonetheless- it was wonderful! We had a lot to be thankful for. The very next night we got to go over to the MSF base for more fellowship. So in the end- we have had a wonderful holiday season. Happy holidays!

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