November 6, 2007

Sickly and Moving On

We’ve been back in Kaabong and plugging away. Then this last week, God kindly stepped in and had us take a little break- a sick break. Georgia got a cold while working at the school and was ‘under the weather’ for five days. In the meantime Jacob contracted a bit of a gut bug and joined her under the weather. We’re both getting back our strength and thankful for the downtime of praying and studying at home.

Speaking of quality time, Jacob has had some good quality time with three of the leaders. Talking about life, wisdom, and where our belief in God is supposed to fit into it all. Going out to storying centers last week he walked an average of 50 miles to meet with these storying groups.
We acquired a wind generator from the states a couple of months ago. We have two things in steady supply here: wind and sun. Our solar panels normally keep our battery at a pretty full charge, so we can charge our phones, computer and have lamps on at night. However, when it’s cloudy or we simply use a lot of the power at night- we go very low. So the wind generator has been wonderful. Jacob managed to assemble and put up this crafty contraption and it’s brilliant! It somehow knows when the charge is low and ‘whirrr’ it takes off! It does our hearts good I tell you…

Georgia has been working in a nearby school as well as continuing language. With the older grades she is teaching Bible stories using Easy Readers in Ngkarimojong, which is no easy thing as she’s not fluent and they’ve never been taught to read their own language. These classes love the story cloth and lean forward to try and make out the pictures. At one setting they sat and stared for 10 minutes, whispering and pointing at the pictures.
With the younger grades she is teaching English alone. Thanks so much to our genius friend Susan for her great musical ideas. You’re a great! The kids’ minds wander, half don’t have supplies, and over half are hungry or sick. So to try and hold their attention when Georgia was speaking in broken sentences was been tricky. However, music has made a way! The youngest class has learned (and loved) “One little, two little, three little, cows”. The older group has just learned “The little cats are sleeping- in the house” (Thanks to Susan!). This may sound an easy feat until you realize that the best language students in this class didn’t even know the word for ‘cat’.. However, they did all know house. So everyone mumbled along (acting like cats or mice) and when it came to “in the house”- EVERYONE chimed in full volume!

*also a BIG thanks to MedAir for helping out with 'communications!' You guys are a huge blessing. :)

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