November 27, 2007

Little Friends

Near our home, shepherds bring their cattle and let them graze in a fenced in area. These little shepherd boys are always knocking at the gate and calling for ‘cups’ and ‘bottles’. We clean our tin cans and they treasure them. Old water bottles also have a high value as they’re used for milk. The other day two certain boys came begging for ‘cups’. I brought them tins and they were ecstatic. They carefully lay them out and organized them according to size for ‘distribution’. Then they asked for food as they were hungry. I fed them, and true to form they gave back ten fold from the little they have. Every day for the past week a little shepherd boy would faithfully come to our gate with a little dirty water bottle of goat’s milk, sometimes even twice a day. Hopefully we can share of food that never runs out and water that they will never thirst again. Language is a barrier but we’re confident He will make a way. I’m thankful that from ‘the mouth of babes’ God reminds us of the beauty of giving. I gave what was so easy to give, and in return they gave all they had.


Anonymous said...

That is the sweetest story I have ever heard!


Nakiru Schmidt said...

Our trash was the big event of the day for kids in the Nagala Valley when we lived there. I've always said that Africans recycle everything. Many toys were made from our cereal boxes, cans, and glass. Now, when we go to Cracker Barrel and use the small syrup bottles, we think of how much our friends in Kaabong would love to have the little treasured put their snuff in! We carried many small bottles back to Kaabong to give away!! Our trash was always someone elses' treasure!
Martha Schmidt (Nakiru)

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