October 1, 2007


Ahhh... We are some relaxed people over here. I wanted to put on some pictures of our latest adventure, when it struck me how this must look on a blog... Like we're always at beautiful places doing beautiful things. Let's just say, when you mainly look at DIRT all day- there seems to be very little to 'blog' about. I really don't feel at liberty to blog about the constant begging, or my frustration with human faeces on the trail, and dog and cat worms... So in the end, we only blog our 'times away'. So here is yet another 'time away'.
We were in Murchison for two days. We had low expectations honestly. It is 'wet season' so we were looking forward to high grass and low animal spottings. However, we were excited to be with Jacob's parents and just enjoy nature. We were warned to avoid the usual road to the North westerly game park due to large pot holes. We left early in the morning and Ricky, our friend driving, made every effort to avoid the bad road. We had chosen our road and wanted to check that it was correct. We pulled over and asked a man, "Is this the Hoima road?" The reply was over and over, "You will catch it." Or better yet, "It is there." Yes... We imagine it is. An hour down the road (imagine no road signs EVER) we realized we must indeed be on the warned against road. We were all groaning with each huge pot hole and were thrilled when we reached stretches where we went over 50 miles per hour.
As soon as we reached the park, bruised and travel weary, we went on a game drive and realized quickly that it was worth it. We saw a great deal of game and it was beautiful! I realize that it must be pretty boring to see what seem to be some pretty lame pictures(our camera is not by any means the best). That being said, I've tried to include some of our highlights from Murchison.
We all know elephants are large, but when we saw some herds we had to get out and look at these prints. This is Danny's foot in an elephants track. Now that's a big foot.
Living in Africa has just about pushed us to 'bird watcher' status. Short of wearing binocs everywhere, we're pretty excited about seeing birds. Here's the national bird- a crested crane.
It's boggling and beautiful to be at Murchison and to look out over Lake Albert and know that you're looking at the Blue Mountains of the Congo.. To see little huts, and men out fishing in the very water you were just looking at huge crocodiles and hippos in...
This family was in the road with many of their friends and didn't want to budge. This has to be one of my least favorite animals... Mean little critters.
So honestly, we got pictures of hippos, elephants, lions, crocodiles etc. but I just loved these ugly little fellows. We happened upon this guy at bathtime and he was reluctant to leave. When the little guys run away they put their tails straight up in the air like little antennae. Oink Oink!

(Quite honestly, when we see these warthogs we're reminded of our very own precious Buddy. So here's a little 'shout out' to our furry children waiting in the land of no connection.)
Wart hog Buddy who we affectionately call "Grumpy Uncle Buddy" because he's older than Daisy and Kitty Kitty (Agatha) and is always annoyed by both of them.
This picture of Daisy says it all- this little girl has attitude. I tried to 'dress' her in a bandana and she was not having it...
(picture and update of poor Kitty Kitty for another day...)

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