October 2, 2007

Jinja Visit

Ah the sights and sounds of Jinja. So relaxing. So quiet.. So... NOT Kampala. Ahhh! We had a great visit there and did very little other than eat and relax. So we're calm and fat now. Or as Blenda would say, "My we're looking fatly today!" Which should, by the way, be a compliment here.
Here are some sights from our time in Jinja.. Note that most have to do with food...
Here is a man making chapats or chapatis. We've come to the conclusion that a chapati is a fat tortilla fried in oil. We love chapatis! You can get a 'rolex' for maybe a quarter- which is basically a chapati with egg in it.. Hence the name 'rolex' (roll-eggs). Yummy!
Danny really liked the Jack fruit, though we didn't get to try any with them.

The Ugandans get an A+ for ingenuity where toys are concerned. We see these great little creations all over. Little cars made out of a million and one different things- normally with a stick to push/pull it with. This particular one is a juice box.
Danny especially liked this flower. I know it's sometimes called a 'porcelin' rose, though beyond that I know very little about it. Its "rose" formation is either later or earlier in bloom.

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