October 5, 2007

Girls' Day Out

As our time with Danny and Lodema was coming to an end- we headed to Entebbe (where the airport is). Our friends Ricky and Brenda have recently moved there from the islands. Brenda's parents were visiting so we all got together and had a great time!
We ladies had coffee and talked (of course) and went to the Entebbe Botanical Gardens. It was wonderful! I had heard of the gardens but was really so impressed. We saw two different species of monkies, and so many trees and flowers that it's impossible to describe them all. We saw the 'henna' tree, nutmeg, orchids galore, grey parrots, pink pineapples, frankinscense, "match" tree (which matches are best made from), a monitor lizard, a flying squirrel etc. I was ecstatic! I think it was sensory overload. I was tempted to put all of these pictures on the blog, but I realize it may not be quite as 'exciting' for all of you...
There were about 20 Colobus (sp?) monkies right over us in the trees. It was great! They were swinging from vine to vine. I thought they were pretty hillarious because they look like rhinestone cowboys or backup singers for Elvis in his later years, with white fringe.
We saw about 40 monkeys and one was.. I'm not joking, running on his hands! Our guide, who was quite excellent, explained that this particular monkey was attacked when it was two months old by a dog- and its back feet were bitten off! The happy ending of that story is that the monkey has completely adapted(hence the running on his hands).

We also got to see where the old black and white 'Tarzan' was filmed in the rainforest. There were vines.. So as you can imagine- I really couldn't help myself!
Being in the gardens, there were so many species of birds, trees, flower
Meanwhile, across the big blue lake somewhere.... So many that were amazing and fascinating.. It was almost like being in a.. well... a rainforest! So very beautiful.
(This is actually a bloom- it's called "The English Pipe".)

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