October 10, 2007

Farewell and Fort Portal

Jacob's parents are in America. It's almost surreal to have them gone. We got so used to having them here with us, and they were such an encouragement. We can't imagine going back to Kaabong without them with us! Some people asked us if we were exhausted after they left and we're not at all! We enjoyed them being here and we were uplifted and renewed by their visit. I'm sure they're struggling a lot now, what with all the smooth roads and water you can drink in the U.S. Tough going to be sure!
One thing that Danny and Lodema WON'T miss is the traffic here. After we left them and got back into Kampala, the opportunity arose to actually capture the hideous traffic. Here it is! The traffic no one could miss. This is from our bus window as we were pulling out of the bus park on to the road.. Let's just say it was hot and we sat there for about an hour.. just... getting... pulled.... out....
After we said our goodbyes, Jacob and I left the very next day via bus for Fort Portal. Fort Portal is at the base of the Rwenzori mountains on the Western boarder of Uganda and the Congo. The road is a GREAT road with no pot holes and even, brace yoruselves, guard rails! So it was an easy 4 hour journey. We got to visit our great friends in Fort Portal, the Johnsons. Lew and Brandi just had their first baby, Elisabeth Savannah in May. We spent 3 days with them and loved seeing what their lives are like there. The Johnsons have been in Uganda for over a year and a half and this is their first term.

We were amazed at how different Fort Portal could be. Coming from the little grass covered mud huts of Karamoja we were pretty much in awe of the beautiful building and upkeep of the homes even in the village and the 'deep village' of this area. The weather was also quite the difference. They usually have rains every day, and we were freezing while we were there! Sorry there's no real picture of the mountains as they were sheathed in fog/clouds the bulk of the time. This area is a top tourist destination for hiking the Rwenzoris. Can you imagine a glacier in Africa? Well, they're there (though quickly receding). Further south from this area is the impenetrable forests famous for gorilla trekking.
This picture is of a crater(though the picture doesn't do the crater justice). The sides of this particular crater were very steep yet people had still planted all down inside of it.
We got to play games, eat great food (way to go Brandi!) and have overall wonderful fellowship. Pray for the Johnsons as they continue to adjust to their new environment, learn about people around them, learn the language, and adapt to life in Africa. Pray especially for health and that their little girl will continue to grow strong and healthy with no illnesses.

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