October 5, 2007

Boys go fishing

The men all got together and went fishing. Brenda's father, Milton, Danny, Jacob and Ricky went out on Ricky's boat on Lake Victoria. You know the lake is big- but just to stare at its vast expanse and not see an end in sight is... bewildering. They had a great time and caught 13 Nile perch. I think they were all on cloud Nine!
The more we 'get out' on our 'times away' from base, we are simply amazed at the huge differences across this country. We now realize that though we are all working in the same country, we can't take for granted that we understand the struggles our friends have in different places with different people, nor can we take for granted that they automatically understand our struggles. To consider that there are 54 different tribes in this country, each with its own unique language and customs puts it in perspective. The boys stopped and had lunch on Bulago island. There are hundreds of islands in Lake Victoria. Ricky and Brenda work among these islanders. Many of the islanders are HIV positive (most). Please pray for their safety as they boat across rough waters and as they minister to this highly transient people.

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