August 12, 2007

Random Images and health update

I don't actually know how a "blog" is supposed to work and how personal you should get on one. That being said, I'm sure a million people aren't flocking to read about our lives.. Yeah.. I know.. "Shocker". So those of you who are "here" know us and know what we're up to. That being said I wanted to give a brief update. We're in Kampala and Jacob is healing well and getting better "Wadyo- Wadyo" or slowly-slowly. He's eating a lot, taking his medicine and feeling better each day. Thank each of you for your support and prayers. We will head back north when we know that he is fully well and not before.

For those of you who may have missed our mini drama- Jacob fell ill Friday last as we walked out to a village. We thought it was a flu and were letting him get a lot of fluids and rest. He remained down with fever for a few days- and was at a low point when we get a diagnosis of meningitis (mild case). Given our circumstances and where we were it was the only option really to treat as meningitis given the symptoms.. At this time we learned there is no working microscope to even do a blood smear in Kaabong District. The treatment was painful and we then thankfully got a flight out. After an experience not to be repeated in a hospital and finally blood work- the diagnosis moved to "Brucelosis" or "undulant fever". This isn't a bad illness and he should be better soon. We do thank you for your prayers and support. We'll try to keep you updated.

Now for some fun random pictures...................
What a great smile. This is a picture that Michelle took of a young Karimojong boy north of Kapedo. This was a picture taken from our 'open air' taxi to be exact!

Fun rock. This is the "Pocahontas" rock to the south of our house in Karamoja. You can clearly make out the young girl with her knees pulled up to her chin. I don't know why we call her "Pocahontas"... I may have made that up to be honest with you.. Either way- isn't that a cool rock?!
Pineapple anyone? We caught this salesman on the road in Entebbe while waiting for lost luggage to arrive at the airport from the girls' visit in July. These pineapples had been brought fresh from the islands.. mmm! Meat? I love meat! Who wants meat? But the real question is- where is the beef? Who knew it was hanging in the door all along.. A woman and her beef in the south.


miker said...

I am so glad to hear you both are doing better! God is great!

Martha Schmidt - Nakiru said...

I named the rock formation "Pocahantas" when we first went to Kaabong in 1994. I'm glad to hear the name has stuck! Isn't is beautiful? To me it is a picture of the young Indian girl with her knees drawn up to her chin!
Martha Schmidt -Nakiru

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