August 13, 2007

Party in Kaabong?! Ssss Party!

(Sunset in Kaabong)
To keep with the theme of unthought-out-blogs- here's another one for ya! We're resting up here in Kampala and Jacob is regaining strength daily. Praise the Lord! As we rest- we're also blessed with internet- so why not throw on a post?

You may think to yourself, "Kaabong- now there's a happenin' place." And whereas normally I might have to ask you to clarify, this past month we had some pretty crazy fun. So I would agree.. Kaabong has actually been a pretty 'happenin' place'! I mean parties galore. Well.. maybe only ONE party- but it was a party afterall. And given our location that was a pretty great feat.
The newest MedAir team member is a former primary(elementary) school teacher. No one other than a primary school teacher could be as creative as this new member. Thanks to her- a simple 'going away'/'happy birthday party' got turned into a groovy "S" themed party- smack dab in the middle of Karamoja.

You may think it's no small thing dressing up as something that begins with an 's'... Well first- pack a backpack/rucksack- trek out to the middle of nowhere- THEN decide to dress in something that begins with an 's'. It was really fun and challenging!

Here's the pic for proof. In case you're unsure of what we are (which I really can't imagine) I'll describe some of the 'S' costumes and you can see who is what... Smashing!

Superwoman, A Shoprite Saleswoman, a spy, a shepherd, a singer(hint- look for the musical instrument), 'Spanner' man, Sidney Bristow, Secretary, Sign, suit. (sorry the picture is fuzzy- but there's little practice in 'bystander picture taking'.)

"To infinity- and beyond!!!" (we take dress up very seriously as you can see...)

(note: my costume definitely received the most mixed-reviews. Those who have never seen a tv were most baffled as to why "Nakiru had pink paper on her head"... For those of you who are familiar with ALIAS hopefully my sanity still holds a lingering hope...)

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Anonymous said...

You're a marvelous Sidney...but a better Truvy. That pink hair was definitely the work of Truvy. You could have gone as a "Stylist" and that would cover the "S" theme and Truvy. Why didn't you think of that?

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