August 21, 2007

August Angst

As of tomorrow we'll be back in Kaabong. It's such a funny thing because when we're there we long for refrigeration, cheese, milk, meat, roads, internet etc.. The list really does go on! But now that we're in the south- there's so little to do. Internet and tv really can only occupy you for so many hours- then you're stuck in a place without a 'goal' or a job to accomplish. So we're both going a little stir crazy- though truthfully this time it's been me (Georgia) who's been more stir crazy. Now we're longing for Kaabong because at least it's "normal" life (relatively speaking) and we have 'jobs' to do there.
"Angst" has become a common term for us here. It's like saying "I have a headache" or "My tummy aches". When one of us looks at the other questioningly and the other responds "It's the angst." Inevitably we go "Ahhhh.. Aha.. of course." As though, in our skewed little world- that makes a lot of sense.
Little things we take for granted at home (by little I'm under exxagerating of course) become very obviously important here. Fresh fruit, vegetables, a varied diet, the ease and availability of exercise, the ability to be social in almost any circumstance and have that social time be PLEASANT(i.e. not begging EVERY minute of the day), the many opportunities to fellowship with like-minded people. All of these things, when missing, add up to one giant monster angst-ifier.
So when you see us some day, and you hear us refer to "the angst" you too can say "Aha.. yes of course." And our little skewed world- will become somehow bigger. :o)

One sign that "The Angst" is upon you could be this:*

*Note: some skeptics may also like to term "The Angst" as "crazy" or "looney". But we know that you will have no doubt in distinguishing that this truly is simply "The Angst" when you're dealing with people of such a high calibre...

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