July 6, 2007

Lopeli-peli-pel!! Ole!

Ah Lopelipel.. Just the sound of it tripping off your tongue. I don't know you you feel about Lopelipel- but it is honestly one of our favorite places in Karamoja! (I'm not just saying that because the women give me bangles and make me jump.. really I'm not). There's just something about the people there. Whenever we're down, as people are prone to be, we just think of Apei (name meaning literally "One") and we're encouraged. It does take a little jaunt to get there... You know.. across the river... (and through some 'woodsy' areas you could say).

Then we've arrived! Here we smile with our encouraging friends behind us...

And here they are- Apei, Tawei(literally meaning "Wow!") and Apei's wife.

We trekked out to Lopelipel with Karyn and Erik and were, as always, encouraged. They invited us from under the tree where the group meets to share Bible stories to their village which was quite an honour. Here Karyn navigates through the "main" gate of the village. The inner gates get smaller and smaller. At night they pull thorn bushes through from the inside to keep intruders out.

There Jacob was able to share with a group of leaders about the Lord's supper and what Communion means. It was a great time of training and fellowship. Jacob showed them that even on a limited budget they could take part in the Lord's supper and that it isn't too be 'filled' up with food- but rather symbolic.

Tomatoes worked for 'fruit of the vine' and ground maize flower or "atap/posho" worked for unleavened bread. In the place of cups... well...

There were some curious on lookers peeping through the... umm.. hedge? wall? You get the picture.
Overall a really encouraging time of training.

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