July 8, 2007

From Prague to Africa!

They've arrived!
Veronika and Michelle have safely arrived from Prague and we're sooo excited to have them here! Their trip got off to a fun start when 80 pieces of luggage got left in Amsterdam. Can you imagine the chaos?! The girls were in line for 3 hours waiting for some patient, careful worker to printer slowly... each... bit.... of.... their..... information. Oh the fun! We're currently in Kampala and about to head to church and then we'll head on to Jinja. Veronika's bag arrived but still no bag for Mis. God has provided- literally. A volunteer group of 40 youth from the states left clothes so we got to go through and get some clothes for Michelle to make it through the week. What fun! We got cuter, newer clothes than we ever would have had.. (Did I speak in the plural there?? uh... so maybe I got some too so she wouldn't feel alone).

Michelle with her new 'duds'!

We shopped second hand that first day and were interested to see a box of dirty nappies/diapers under the clothing rack and other exciting finds. The girls were happy to see BATA(Czech Shoe company) everywhere in Uganda. I'm hoping to get a picture on soon of Veronika on the boda boda She's not too excited about it even though I think we've given some very good advice. Mainly: hang on and pray a lot!

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robinwilliams said...

hmmm... I feel like I'm reading another language, which I may very well be, but I don't know what "BATA" and "boda boda" are?!?

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