July 5, 2007

First Blog Post and Farewell to Erik

Sorry for moving around so much! We found we had such a hassle and people had so much trouble trying to access our information, that we've finally caved and gone for a real 'blog'. We hope that this will make it easier for you to see where we are and what we're up to.
We're celebrating our first anniversary this week and we're seriously enjoying it! From the outside looking in we must look a little crazy. We're sitting at this hotel in the south, working on line, reading books and watching movies. It's a great break from feeling obligated socially to account for each minute not spent visiting with.. well... visitors!
We just said farewell to our volunteer Erik yesterday and we're planning on having Michelle and Veronika show up soon. Then soon enough- the Reeds will come to Karamoja! (Jacob's parents that is). All of these things have given us a lot to look foward to!
Erik was a great sport and did some really good work. The kids LOVED him. He taught in the schools and did some great discipling. I love this shot of him walking through 'town'. The kids will try and hold any available part of your hand or arm and will even knock one another away with sticks, which feels like a compliment but is a little brutal.
While Erik was there a friend from the south came to visit. We felt an earthquake and our house almost got struck by lightning (not normal occurances). Thanks to our friend, Karyn, we got some good shots.
We'll try to keep this updated well and we'll 'try' to put a picture or two of Erik's time with us on here. Thanks for sticking with us!

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